Friday, October 15, 2010

32. Via email: 10-10-10

Just a message, because the key is lost.
Back in 2001, when we lived with my father-in-law for a time, my 3-
year old found an old skeleton key while he was snooping around in
grandpa's things, something he did a lot. Dear gruff grandpa never got
flustered. He found a piece of twine and made a necklace for my little
guy. My son wore that key every day for years- it's in his school
pictures, and pretty much in every photo we have of him from that
time. Both Grandpa and the key are gone now. Seeing the locks and keys
project reminded me of that long forgotten key, the little boy who
wore it, and the man who opened his home and heart to me all those
years ago.

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