Thursday, September 22, 2011

1,080. Long Time Since I Posted

Sorry it took me so long to post this bunch today!
I was working on the
Natick Artists Open Studios
10 Panel Project - Community Paint Day
and it just took me a while to find these, photograph and post them.
Forgive me for making you wait for yours!

As always, if you are looking for your piece and I have not posted it yet, PLEASE send me an email telling me where to look for it on the fence, and I'll find it and get it up here pronto!

*Photos of the community paint event:

for more information on NAOS:

1,079. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,078. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,077. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,076. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,075. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,074. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,073. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,072. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,071. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,070. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,069. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,068. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,067. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,066. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,065. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,064. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,063. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,062. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,061. On The Fence 09-22-11

1,060. On The Fence 09-22-11

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1,059. Natick Days & Previous Posts

All of the Natick Days pieces have been posted as well as 
anything that was hung individually on the fence from 09-07 to 09-11. 

Thanks to everyone who created at the library with me,
and also to those of you who used the outdoor supplies to create at the fence.
You all did a fantastic job, and I am elated at the numbers of you that participated.
On reading and photographing your pieces,
I laughed, I cried, I rolled my eyes, and I most certainly was amused! 
A very special
Thank You to Karen Perkins
for allowing me to use the beautiful Morse Institute Library facilities.
Danke, Merci, Grazie

Some notes and hints on how to find YOURS: 

* Each piece is posted individually, and the posts run from 964 to 1,059.  
* There are 3 pages of postings (just for this event!) , so if you do not find it on the first page, hit the older posts" button to keep going.
* If you want to see your photo larger, just double click on it.
* If you do NOT see your piece in a photo, please please contact me and I will
   hunt it down and get it up there.

Here are so fun photo's from the weekend: 

The sign that helped get budding artists into the Morse Meeting Room.

Thoughtful creating and choosing supplies.

Putting it all together. 

Deep in thought.

What the big pile looked like when I got back to the studio!

All laid out and ready to hang. 

The fence AFTER all of your pieces were hung!

1,058. On The Fence 09-13-11

1,057. On The Fence 09-13-11

1,056. On The Fence 09-13-11

1,055. On The Fence 09-13-11

1,054. On The Fence 09-13-11

1,053. On The Fence 09-13-11

1,052. On The Fence 09-13-11

1,051. On The Fence 09-13-11

1,050. On The Fence 09-13-11

1,049. On The Fence 09-13-11

1,048. On The Fence 09-13-11

1,047. On The Fence 09-13-11

1,046. On The Fence 09-13-11

1,045. On The Fence 09-13-11

1,044. On The Fence 09-13-11

1,043. On The Fence 09-13-11