Wednesday, May 2, 2012

1,291. Last of the SUPER LARGE Keys stolen.....

Well, it's seems like with the theft of my last super large (3") gold ornate key from the LAKP fence, it might be time to think about taking it down!  I received 3 of these incredibly tacky but fun HUGE gold keys as Christmas gifts and each has been taken from the fence.  The last one I put up last week, I secured in three different places with 12 gauge wire, wrapped around and through and under and between the key and the fence, so whoever took it had to WORK to get it.  I hope they are enjoying the funkiness of the key and hold it as high esteem as I did.  I miss it and all it's siblings!  Bad karma to steal that, don't you think?

So, my thoughts turn to, what do I do with the fence if I take it down?  If you have any ideas, email me at


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